Bathroom furniture

Find a multitude of options for your bathroom, including storage solutions, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and placements. This variety of possibilities allows you to design a bathroom that is special to you. We have everything you need to make your bathroom unique, whether you're looking for a compact or spacious storage option. Learn more about our products and get started on your ideal bathroom right away.

  1. Step Stool

    NORMAN-Step Stool

    109.000 đ
  2. Shelving Unit

    WALKER-Shelving Unit

    199.000 đ
  3. Shelving Unit

    SARDIS-Shelving Unit

    199.000 đ
  4. Towel Rack Chair

    NORRIS-Towel Rack Chair

    1.199.000 đ
  5. Shelving Unit

    SENECA-Shelving Unit

    1.299.000 đ
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