Furniture for toddler

Come Home has a wide variety of toddler-friendly furniture sets to choose from. Your child will be comfortable and safe in our selection of chairs, tables, and more. Our products are made with care and feature vibrant colors and durable components.

  1. Children'S Table

    LOGAN-Children'S Table

    1.699.000 đ
  2. Children'S Stool

    LOGAN-Children'S Stool

    399.000 đ
  3. Children'S Table

    ALEXANDER-Children'S Table

    649.000 đ
  4. Children'S Chair

    ALEXANDER-Children'S Chair

    339.000 đ
  5. Children'S Stool

    ALEXANDER-Children'S Stool

    129.000 đ
  6. Lazy Chair

    JACOB-Lazy Chair

    799.000 đ
  7. Children'S Book Display

    MICHAEL-Children'S Book Display

    599.000 đ
  8. Children'S Table With 2 Chairs

    ETHAN-Children'S Table With 2 Chairs

    1.499.000 đ
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