The most important appliances in your kitchen allow you to quickly and easily create gourmet meals. Browse our selection of items whenever you need a knife, grinder, grater, scissors, or even chopping board.

  1. Mixing Bowl

    MILAN VIOLET-Mixing Bowl

    199.000 đ
  2. Knife Set

    VENICE-Knife Set

    129.000 đ
  3. Kitchen Scissors

    CATANIA-Kitchen Scissors

    99.000 đ
  4. TOKYO cover

    TOKYO-TOKYO cover

    199.000 đ
  5. Poultry shears

    VIGEVANO-Poultry shears

    269.000 đ
  6. Chopping knife

    BARI LILY-Chopping knife

    349.000 đ
  7. Kitchen Utensil Holder

    REGGIO CALABRIA-Kitchen Utensil Holder

    99.000 đ
  8. Chopping Board

    LATINA-Chopping Board

    299.000 đ
  9. Cutting Board

    FORLÌ-Cutting Board

    279.000 đ
  10. Dish Rack

    MESSINA-Dish Rack

    499.000 đ
  11. Cutting Board

    PRATO-Cutting Board

    349.000 đ
  12. Mixing Bowl

    MILAN TULIP-Mixing Bowl

    149.000 đ
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