Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights not only help illuminate but also decorate the outside landscape. With a variety of materials, designs and reasonable prices, Come Home's outdoor lights are designed to suit many architectural styles from modern to classic.

  1. Table Lamp

    PROCYON-Table Lamp

    1.399.000 đ
  2. Table Lamp

    VEGA-Table Lamp

    999.000 đ
  3. Table Lamp

    SIRIUS-Table Lamp

    899.000 đ
  4. Table Lamp

    RIGEL-Table Lamp

    589.000 đ 1.149.000 đ
  5. Table Lamp

    HADAR-Table Lamp

    579.000 đ
  6. Table Lamp

    CANOPUS-Table Lamp

    699.000 đ
  7. Lighting Chain

    ARCTURUS-Lighting Chain

    279.000 đ 399.000 đ
  8. Light Chain

    ACHERNAR-Light Chain

    399.000 đ
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