Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories

No matter how sleek or rustic your kitchen is, you'll need a few essentials to whip up a feast for your loved ones. Come Home is where you'll find all the essentials for getting your day in the kitchen off to a happy and loving start.

  1. Cutlery Tray

    SOBA-Cutlery Tray

    99.000 đ
  2. Waste Bin

    SASHIMI-Waste Bin

    69.000 đ
  3. TOKYO cover

    TOKYO-TOKYO cover

    199.000 đ
  4. Utensil Container

    OSAKA-Utensil Container

    179.000 đ
  5. Dish Drainer

    OSAKA-Dish Drainer

    279.000 đ
  6. Cutlery Tray

    UDON-Cutlery Tray

    399.000 đ
  7. Pull-Out Storage Unit

    TEMPURA-Pull-Out Storage Unit

    439.000 đ
  8. Lid Holder

    OSAKA-Lid Holder

    179.000 đ
  9. Lid Hanger

    NAGOYA-Lid Hanger

    299.000 đ
  10. Rail For Wall Panel

    OSAKA-Rail For Wall Panel

    99.000 đ
  11. Insert For Spice Jars

    SOBA-Insert For Spice Jars

    299.000 đ
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