Sofa tables

A sofa table can look nice and be useful in more than just the space behind a couch. If you don't have much floor space, a sofa table can be used as a buffet, an accent table, a desk, a vanity, a TV stand, and more. Not only are these tables useful in the living room, but they can also be used to decorate empty hallways and stairwells by giving paintings, photos, lamps, and other keepsakes a place to stand.

  1. Coffee Table

    PHILADELPHIA-Coffee Table

    1.199.000 đ
  2. Side Table

    OSLO-Side Table

    1.299.000 đ
  3. Coffee Table

    CHICAGO-Coffee Table

    4.999.000 đ
  4. Coffee Table

    PUEBLA-Coffee Table

    4.799.000 đ
  5. Coffee Table

    SAN ANTONIO-Coffee Table

    4.999.000 đ
  6. Coffee Table

    PHOENIX-Coffee Table

    1.299.000 đ
  7. Side Table

    JUAREZ-Side Table

    2.499.000 đ
  8. Coffee Table

    HOUSTON-Coffee Table

    4.599.000 đ
  9. Coffee Table

    DALLAS-Coffee Table

    1.349.000 đ
  10. Side Table

    CHARLOTTE-Side Table

    579.000 đ
  11. Side Table

    SYDNEY-Side Table

    529.000 đ
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