1. Installment Conditions

  • Orders over 3,000,000 VND when purchasing products on the website.
  • Customers must possess a credit card from one of the 27 banks/financial institutions allowed for installment payment on VNPAY.
  • The credit limit on the card at the time of purchase must be greater than or equal to the value of the goods or products.
  • The card's expiration date must be later than or equal to the installment period.

2. Considerations for Cardholders before Initiating Installment Payment

  • Avoid conducting transactions near the statement date.
  • The credit card must be registered for online payment functionality (If customers have not registered for this feature, please contact the issuing bank for guidance).
  • Once the transaction is converted to installment payment, customers cannot cancel or exchange the transaction.
  • In the event of successful installment registration but the bank notifies the failed conversion to installment payment, Come Home will not cancel the order. Customers should directly work with the bank to resolve the issue.

3. Steps to Proceed with Installment Payment

Step 1: Customers choose products and place an order on the COME HOME website. In the payment method section, customers select VNPAY Installment Payment and click "Proceed with Installment".

Step 2: Customers choose the issuing bank/financial institution and one of the credit card types bearing the brands Master Card | VISA | JCB - WITHOUT the words Debit/Prepaid.

Banks/financial institutions affiliated with VNPAY:

Step 3: Customers select the card type and choose the installment period. The website will display the information of the amount to be paid per installment. Customers should review the information and click "Pay Now".

Step 4: After successfully registering for installment conversion, Come Home will proceed with the delivery according to the scheduled appointment.

Note: Within a maximum of 7 days, the system will automatically convert to installment payment. The bank will notify the results of successful or failed installment conversion via SMS. In the case of failed installment conversion, Come Home will not cancel the order. Customers should directly work with the bank to resolve the issue.

4. Installment Limitation:

  • The customer's credit card limit will be deducted by 100% of the product value.
  • The card limit will be increased correspondingly with the monthly installment amount paid by the customer to the bank.

5. Installment Policy:

  • Free installment conversion.
  • Installment periods: 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
  • Applicable program on through the VNPAY payment gateway and in-store card payment.
  • Applicable for primary cardholders (not applicable for supplementary cards, debit cards, and cards issued overseas).
  • Applicable for orders from 3 million VND and above.
  • The card must have a validity period later than the installment period, must not be in a late payment status, and the credit limit must be greater than or equal to the total installment amount.
  • Customers should NOT CANCEL or REQUEST RETURNS for orders made through the installment payment method after placing the order.

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