Home desks

Do you wish your home office was more conducive to work? Let's get your home office in order with home desks that are tailored to your specific requirements. Take a look at our available desks to find one that will look great in your home office.

  1. Table Leg

    SWALLOW-Table Leg

    259.000 đ
  2. Table Top

    SWALLOW-Table Top

    699.000 đ
  3. Work Desk

    EGRET-Work Desk

    999.000 đ
  4. Desk


    999.000 đ
  5. Laptop Table

    GRACKLE-Laptop Table

    1.999.000 đ
  6. Work Station

    COOT STATION-Work Station

    4.999.000 đ
  7. Work Desk

    GULL-Work Desk

    5.599.000 đ
  8. Work Desk

    KESTREL-Work Desk

    6.490.000 đ
  9. Work Desk

    KINGFISHER-Work Desk

    6.999.000 đ
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