Light and style come together in a lamp. Our contemporary and practical lamps will bring light to any room. Whether you need a lamp for the floor, the ceiling, or somewhere in between, you can find the perfect one in our Come Home collection.

  1. Hanging lighting

    ESTELLA-Hanging lighting

    89.000 đ
  2. Hanging lighting

    APOLLO-Hanging lighting

    129.000 đ
  3. Floor/Reading Lamp

    NEPTUNE SOLO-Floor/Reading Lamp

    1.599.000 đ
  4. Table Lamp

    CORIDAN-Table Lamp

    999.000 đ
  5. Table Lamp

    EARTH-Table Lamp

    699.000 đ
  6. Table Lamp

    CALDOS-Table Lamp

    849.000 đ
  7. Pendant Lamp

    ICONIA-Pendant Lamp

    2.399.000 đ
  8. Floor Lamp

    ALDEA-Floor Lamp

    599.000 đ
  9. Floor Lamp

    AGARON-Floor Lamp

    1.999.000 đ
  10. Floor Lamp

    JUPITER-Floor Lamp

    1.299.000 đ
  11. Table Lamp

    JUPITER-Table Lamp

    899.000 đ
  12. Pendant Lamp

    KATAAN-Pendant Lamp

    649.000 đ
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