COME HOME Exchange Policy

I. General Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicable to customers who buy in-store and online 
  2. Customer needs to carefully check the model, color, product type and full accessories before receiving the product.
  3. Customers can exchange the product within 30 days from the purchased date on the receipt.  After 30 days, COME HOME will not accept any exchanges. 
  4. Customers can only request an exchange once per order
  5. Exchange only applicable within the areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

II. Conditions for exchange:

  1. Product has original seals, brand stamps or manufacturer’s/supplier’s stamps.
  2. The packaging of the Product is intact, unused, not dented, torn, yellowed, and it is in the original condition. Product must have original packaging. 
  3. Parts, components, accessories, user manuals, technical documents, accompanying gifts (if any) must be completed and have no signs of being used.
  4. The product is not dirty, scratched, cracked, damaged, wet, chemically stained or shows signs of opened, washed, applied, or used.
  5. The exchanged product must have a value equal to or greater than the value of the product to be exchanged. If the exchanged product value is lower than the original product, we are not able to refund the different amount.

III. Cases of product that can’t be exchanged:

  1. Display products/Samples sold with discount.
  2. Bedding products, pillow, towel
  3. Special kitchen order, sink, tap, countertop.
  4. Discount or Clearance products
  5. The product has exceeded the time limit for exchange (more than 30 days)
  6. The product shows signs of being used or affected by external forces leading to breakage, scratches, peeling, cracked, damaged
  7. Invoices and documents attached to the Products/Goods are incomplete or not intact.
  8. The product is not operated or used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, causing damage or defects.
  9. Exchanging products has errors arising during the customer's self-transportation from the customer’s house to the store.

IV. Exchange cost: 

1. FREE exchange

Customers can exchange goods for free when they meet one of the following cases:

  • Requests for return and exchange of goods arise on the day of delivery when the customer receives and inspects the product
  • Products have not been used or have been used but encountered technical problems that cannot be remedied, products do not meet the quality criteria due to manufacturer's fault.
  • The delivered products are not of the right type and model as your order.

2. Exchange with additional fee

  • In case of product exchange due to your demand, the costs of installation and dismantling arising from changing other products will be additionally paid by you.
  • Other costs incurred such as transportation, installation, dismantling, etc. will be borne by the customer according to the company's regulations.


  • Service fees and delivery fees arising from the original order will not be refunded
  • The shipping fee will be based on the actual list of service prices at the purchasing time
  • The 2-way shipping is charged from Come Home store to the customer's house

V. Exchange steps: 

Step 1: Customer calls Hotline 1900 9101 or sand exchange request to or come to the store to directly notify the request of the exchange

Step 2: For the request sent via email, Call center staff will respond to Customer within 24 hours since receiving it.

In special cases where it is necessary to extend the response time, Call Center staff will notify the customer specifically via phone number or via customer's email.

Step 3: Technical staff will be appointed by COME HOME representative to check & evaluate the product’s quality before exchanging.

Customer can transfer the product to the store by themselves. The products that meet the exchange condition will be checked (if necessary) by store staff. Or customer can use the delivery service from COME HOME. In this case, 2-way shipping fee will be paid by customer.

Step 4: COME HOME notifies the results of the evaluation to the Customer. If the exchange request is approved, COME HOME will take back the old product and deliver the new product to the Customer.

The exchange policy, terms & conditions and final decision of COME HOME are subject to change without any prior notice.

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