Please carefully inspect the goods and compare the products with the purchase invoice (or delivery note if available) before receiving the goods to ensure your rights for product exchange and warranty.

This warranty policy only applies to products branded Come Home distributed in the Vietnamese market

1. Warranty Terms and Scope:

  • Each product will have a different warranty period from the date of successful delivery.
  • Warranty policy only applies within the areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
  • Furniture products are warranted free of charge for 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery based on the purchase invoice.
  • COME HOME only provides free warranty for products damaged due to material defects, technical errors, and installation errors from COME HOME's side.
  • No warranty is provided for damages or wear and tear caused by customers' improper use, not following Come Home's or the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Customers should not attempt to repair the product themselves; if there are any questions, please contact COME HOME for assistance.
  • The purchase invoice (or delivery note if available) must remain intact, not torn, or altered so that we can cross-check and verify the origin of the product purchased at Come Home.
  • After the warranty period expires, if customers have any requests or inquiries, please contact COME HOME for guidance and consideration of legitimate cases.
  • In the event that COME HOME provides a replacement product for the defective product, the warranty period for the replacement product will be the remaining warranty period of the initially purchased defective product.

2. Cases not covered by the warranty:

  • Accessories and decorative products such as Kitchen and Dining, Toys, Rugs, etc., do not have a warranty. If they are damaged before use, customers will be supported according to COME HOME's exchange policy.
  • Products that have exceeded the warranty period or products whose purchase at Come Home cannot be verified, COME HOME reserves the right to refuse warranty.
  • Lost, torn, stuck, or altered purchase invoices (or delivery notes if available).
  • Products damaged due to mechanical impact such as breakage, collision, scratches, dents, moisture, rust, or force majeure conditions such as natural disasters, fires, etc.
  • Any defects or damages to the product not arising from the manufacturer's technical production, but from customer's misuse, including but not limited to breakage, cracks caused by sharp objects; dirt, stains, discoloration during use due to contact with chemicals or cleaning agents; products no longer intact due to customers' unauthorized repair or alteration of product structure; products damaged due to environmental impact (water ingress, corrosion from chemicals, thermal impact causing deformation).

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