Home workspace

Working at home with a modern and convenient workspace will help you be more inspired and improve your work efficiency. Come Home offers a variety of product designs so you can choose according to your preferences and needs at reasonable prices.

  1. Table Leg

    SWALLOW-Table Leg

    259.000 đ
  2. Table Top

    SWALLOW-Table Top

    699.000 đ
  3. Desk Shelf

    GULL-Desk Shelf

    799.000 đ
  4. Swivel Chair

    PARROT-Swivel Chair

    999.000 đ
  5. Work Desk

    EGRET-Work Desk

    999.000 đ
  6. Desk


    999.000 đ
  7. Laptop Table

    GRACKLE-Laptop Table

    1.999.000 đ
  8. Drawer Unit

    SWALLOW-Drawer Unit

    2.199.000 đ
  9. Swivel Chair

    VIOLETEAR-Swivel Chair

    2.399.000 đ
  10. Drawer Unit

    GULL-Drawer Unit

    2.899.000 đ
  11. Work Station

    COOT STATION-Work Station

    4.999.000 đ
  12. Work Desk

    GULL-Work Desk

    5.599.000 đ
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